5 November 2009

ISEA 2009 in Belfast

I presented a paper about Swap shots at ISEA 2009, an international symposium for electronic arts that was held in Belfast this year. Each year it takes place in a different location. It was a huge event, taking place across Ireland, with exhibitions in Dublin as well as Belfast. It was really interesting to re-visit the project. I got in touch with everyone to find out if they could give me feedback about their experience which I could incorporate in my presentation. There were so many keynote speakers, special sessions and discussion panels at the Symposium, that it was impossible to do everything over the five days that I was there. One of the best things for me was the chance to connect with friends and colleagues from all over the UK and also from India and Australia. It was also incredibly exciting to meet new people and make new connections with artists and writers from so many parts of the world.